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2020 Season Opener

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Gridiron Club (Football Booster Club)
Page Created By: Andy Sims Date : 3/3/2014
Welcome to the Mustang Gridiron Club!  This booster club was established with the purpose of serving all of the football players in the program in a way that will enhance their high school experience and make a lasting positive impact on their lives.  The booster club will perform a variety of activities that will aid the football program financially so that we may run a top-notch program and serve our community proudly!  Attached below you will find a list of needs that we provide our football program on a yearly basis.

The booster club will be open to all parents, community members, business leaders and coaches.  There will be committee members, but we are currently looking for some enthusiastic volunteers to help support and build enthusiasm for our football program.  We hold monthly meetings at the high school that you are more than welcome to attend.  Please email: if you are interested.

A Message From Coach Sims:

A well organized and operated booster club is vital to the success of our football program.  Championship football programs are built behind the scenes and during the off-season.  As a coach there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done that is required in order to provide our players what they need on and off the football field.  For this very reason we rely heavily on the Gridiron Club for support.  This organization is an extension of our Coaching Staff and like all of our coaches, you will play a pivotal role in serving our players and to help build a program that will make our community and district proud.  I hope you are as excited as I am to join the Gridiron Club and begin working on what will be a great year of Mustang Football.
- Andy Sims

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