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2020 Season Opener

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2021 Recruiting Class
Page Created By: Andy Sims Date : 2/27/2014

At Blue Valley North High School we are committed to helping our Mustangs further their education past high school while having the opportunity to play at the highest level of football possible.


As a former college coach, I know just how important it is to be able to easily and quickly gather information on potential recruits and prospects.  In order to best serve our athletes and college coaches I have created an online preview of our recruits.


I also believe in honest and accurate statistics.  All statistics are done after watching film, not during the game in order to ensure that statistics are not inflated or misleading.  In college, it never failed that we'd have a recruit listed as 6'  210lbs and running a 4.5, and sure enough he was actually 5'10 190lbs and ran a 5.0.  All physical statistics are done in accordance with NFL combine standards. So if the profile states a player can bench 350lbs or run a 4.6 40yd then that is exactly what he will do when he is on your campus.


At Blue Valley North not only do we pride ourselves on having the highest academic standards in the Midwest but we also guarantee that the discipline and structure of our program will prepare our players to compete at the next level from day 1.


Please click on the link below and select the player you would like to view. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank You,


Andy Sims

Head Football Coach

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