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Football Alumni
Page Created By: Andy Sims Date : 6/28/2013

Playing High School football can and should be one of the greatest parts of a young man’s life.  At Blue Valley North we want to make sure that those life-long friendships and lasting memories never fade away over the years.  Thinking back on all the good times you had during your time here as a Mustang is very important to us. 


Remember your favorite classes and teachers or roaming the halls during passing period?  How about your favorite moments during games or the hard work you put in over the summer? Remember those Pep Assemblies, school dances and social times with your friends?  All of those memories and special times are what makes high school such a special and important time and often contributes to who you are today.


We want our Alumni to always feel welcome to come back and be a part of current football program and be around our current players.  It is important that they understand who came before them.  That their jersey number means just as much to you as it does to them. 


In order to help our Alumni continue to stay in touch with one another and to help us build a strong foundation of tradition, I have created the Football Alumni Support Team or F.A.S.T for short.  If you would like to join FAST, then please email us at and we will contact you shortly.


Keep Dominating and always remember……Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang!


Andy Sims

Head Football Coach

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